Amazing photograph shows lightning hitting plane along the path of A rainbow.

One in a million photo.

This is literally the luckiest rainbow on earth.


Blending In

With the Rub’ al Khali.



Mortal win.



Mortal win.


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Ad of the day - 2/27

Bro hug, yo.

Ad of the day: 1/28

I’m typing in between sobs right…. now…. and…. I can’t believe they’re going… to pull this on 1/… 30. Love the simplicity, the way the display the story, the message, the music.

Pretty darn good, New Castle. You’ve just earned the ad of the day: 1/23/2014.

Ad of the day: 1/21/2014

VW has recently stood out as a leader not only on the big day, but for their teaser spots to their Super Bowl ad. This is no exception. It’s smart, makes subtle fun of everything that Super Bowl ads are, and yes - it even has a groin shot. I can’t wait to see the real ad, but this has my full attention.

Ad of the day: 1/17/2014

I really like this new spot from Nissan. It’s got everything thing that makes an ad stand above the rest with a strong story, strong visuals, energy, a clever spin on an all-too-real problem, and a cool tie in to the product. The only thing that needed some work was the music; the drums, the forced shrieks of horns, and fit for the car were a little too cliche for such a different car ad. Check it out.